Him Lo Da Inappropriate – Complimentary Snacks – 2014 (Free Download)

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CS-Cover CS-Back

Free Download HERE

ILL Treats – Hello Instrumentals – 2014 (Free Download)

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Free Download HERE

01. Knock Knock
02. Too Much
03. Gritty Digs
04. Neva Give Up
05. Jazz
06. Growing Up
07. Pages
08. Take Notes
09. Go Time
10. Last Letter
11. Solo Mission
12. Hiphop
13. Social Mix Up
14. Man's Life
15. walking on by
16. Moving Above
17. Shadows
18. Love
19. Goodbye

The Good People – Sleep When Ya Dead / The Bang Out – 2014 (Free Download)

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Free Download HERE

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A1. Sleep When Ya Dead feat. Mrs. Smith

B1. The Bang Out feat. DJ C-Reality

Hus Kingpin – The Cognac Tape (Co-Starring Roc Marciano) [Anniversary Reissue] – 2014 (Free Download)

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Free Download HERE

01. Intro (Prod. Doktor Rheal)
02. Boss Material (feat. Roc Marciano) (Prod. DJ Kryptonite)
03. Diamond Darts (feat. Rozewood) (Prod. HTN)
04. Is It A Crime (Remix) (feat. Ghostra Nostra) (Prod. Doktor Rheal)
05. Nights (Prod. DJ Phantom)
06. Game of Life (feat. Marvelous Mag, Asia J) (Prod. Ialone)
07. Fly Threads (feat. Ghostra Nostra) (Prod. King AL)
08. Pyramid Points (feat. Rozewood) (Prod. Snowgoons)
09. Strive (Remix) (feat. Smoovth, Roc Marciano) (Prod. Foka)
10. Boss Material 2 (feat. Roc Marciano) (Prod. DJ Kryptonite)
11. Crazy Skills (feat. Asia J) (Prod. Raw Minerals)
12. Shadow Gravel (Prod. Azaia)
13. Darts For DJ Mickey Knox (Prod. TCOR)
14. Love Laws (Prod. DJ Kryptonite)
15. Is It A Crime (Original) (feat. Ghostra Nostra) (Prod. DJ Kryptonite)
16. Game Of Life (Remix) (feat. Marvelous Mag) (Prod. Vans Cal)
17. High Rises (feat. Rozewood) (Prod. Manu Beats)
18. Outro (Prod. Doktor Rheal)
19. BONUS: Lady Camay (Prod. RZA)

The Voyagers – The Eternal Voyage – 2013 (Free Download)

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Free Download HERE

01. Blessed Feat. ChuckGee x Prince Royal
02. Stefon (skit)
03. Mathematics Feat. ChuckGee x VeeSkeeno
04. Timez iz hard Feat. ChuckGee x Kenneth B x Prince Royal
05. Diploma Speech I (ChuckGee)
06. Wasted Youth Feat. VeeSkeeno x ChuckGee x Jaden Castro
07. The Moment Feat. Prince Royal x Kenneth B x Jaden Castro
08. MC Rhythm Feat. The Voyagers
09. Square One Feat. ChuckGee x (Jaden Castro) x VeeSkeeno x Prince Ro
10. Diploma Speech II (Castro)
11. Climax Feat. VeeSkeeno x Jaden Castro
12. Love Rain Feat. Jaden Castro x ChuckGee x VeeSkeeno
13. Thirsty Ass Bitches Feat. Prince Royal x Kenneth B
14. Diploma Speech III (Paul)
15. Diploma speech IV (VeeSkeeno)
16. V.ROUTE Feat. The Voyagers
17. Diploma Speech V (KennethB)
18. Fall Leaves Feat. VeeSkeeno x Prince Royal x Jaden Castro x ChuckGee
19. Time is now my child Feat. The Voyagers
20. voyRage Feat. VeeSkeeno x Kenneth B x ChuckGee x Jaden Castro
21. Prince Royal (skit)

Andre Jakai & Veeskeeno – Twat Chronicles Vol. 1 – 2014 (Free Download)

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Free Download HERE

01. Karma Feat. Jaden Castro (Prod. by Kelly Portis)
02. THC (Prod. by Napalm)
03. Emotional Bliss (Prod. by Sandbox, The Person)
04. Keisha
05. First Twat
06. VOYD (Prod. Canis Major)
07. Nightmare (Prod. by Reezy)
08. Stone Cold (Prod. by G. Cal)
09. Moon Boy (Sandbox, The Person)
10. Gratitude (Prod. by Dynamic Beats)
11. Fo Sho Twat
12. Part Of Me (Prod. by MCMXCIV)
13. Power Feat. Nolahs (Prod. by The Scholars)
14. Blood Vessel (Prod. by Ironic)

RAST RFC – Across West 3rd Street – 2014 (Free Download)

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Free Download HERE or HERE

Buy The Ltd. Vinyl For A Ltd. Time HERE

01. Spoken Word
02. Back in the Daze
03. Killer
04. Life After Death
05. Bad Dope
06. Forgive Me
07. The Gun Don’t Make The Man
08. The Good, The Bad and Me
09. Mark David Chapman
10. Basquiat


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