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01. Intro: Amazin’ Ganja
02. Muzic Paradise (feat. NGAFSH)
03. Feel Da Flow (TH3 IIntercepterz)
04. Life U Only Have 1
05. The Realness (feat. Tony Bee)
06. Don’t Wanna Wait (TH3 IIntercepterz, feat. Ceschi)
07. Make U Smile
08. Take It Easy (TH3 IIntercepterz)
09. Light 1 Up! (feat. Analicia, Mindless Muzic, B-Mune & Dice)
10. The Wanderer (feat. KushBurnaz)
11. Darkness 2 Daylight (feat. Mister Ridiculous aka Reshon Bryant)
12. s[E]arch 4 Positives (feat. Da Manners)
13. Bonus Track – NGAFSH Filet of Soul Hotter Under Water! Remix (feat. Acee-Ville & Gel Roc)