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01. 1979
02. The Old Days
04. Duck Fines Feat. Facey McFacerton
05. No Petro
06. Cinco De Mayo Feat. Papi Jamon
07. Long Gone Feat. Miles Bonny
08. Haux Bath
09. Attack of the Radio Clones
10. Robots Feat. D2G
11. The Contra Shuffle Feat. Random aka Mega Ran
12. Keep On Feat. Profound, Rashid Hadee, CoolOut Chris, Dee Jackson, Royal Entry, Amina, Lady Ki, and Joe Sig
13. The Bucket
14. Space Feat. Dominique Larue
15. Susan’s Antique Store
16. Bill Clinton Feat. Jon De Pledge
17. Old School Wisdom
18. Letter to Willie
19. One More Day Feat. Rachael B.
20. Time Thrifting