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01. Intro (Prod. Doktor Rheal)
02. Boss Material (feat. Roc Marciano) (Prod. DJ Kryptonite)
03. Diamond Darts (feat. Rozewood) (Prod. HTN)
04. Is It A Crime (Remix) (feat. Ghostra Nostra) (Prod. Doktor Rheal)
05. Nights (Prod. DJ Phantom)
06. Game of Life (feat. Marvelous Mag, Asia J) (Prod. Ialone)
07. Fly Threads (feat. Ghostra Nostra) (Prod. King AL)
08. Pyramid Points (feat. Rozewood) (Prod. Snowgoons)
09. Strive (Remix) (feat. Smoovth, Roc Marciano) (Prod. Foka)
10. Boss Material 2 (feat. Roc Marciano) (Prod. DJ Kryptonite)
11. Crazy Skills (feat. Asia J) (Prod. Raw Minerals)
12. Shadow Gravel (Prod. Azaia)
13. Darts For DJ Mickey Knox (Prod. TCOR)
14. Love Laws (Prod. DJ Kryptonite)
15. Is It A Crime (Original) (feat. Ghostra Nostra) (Prod. DJ Kryptonite)
16. Game Of Life (Remix) (feat. Marvelous Mag) (Prod. Vans Cal)
17. High Rises (feat. Rozewood) (Prod. Manu Beats)
18. Outro (Prod. Doktor Rheal)
19. BONUS: Lady Camay (Prod. RZA)



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01. Hardknock (Prod. Lewis Parker)
02. Ice Cream (ft. Mach Hommy, Smoovth)
03. 100 Miles (Prod. Chuck Strangers)
04. For The Love (Prod. Chuck Strangers)
05. Suspect (ft. Marvelous Mag) (Prod. Chuck Strangers)
06. Fly Shit (ft. Ghostra Nostra) (Prod. Chuck Strangers)
07. 100 Miles (Remix) (Prod. B-Sun)
08. Ice Cream (Remix) (Prod. Kool J Illa)


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01. Dirk Diggler (Prod. Vans Cal) R.I.P. Vans Cal
02. Gone (prod.Tape Roc)
03. Don Dada (Al the Basshead Remix)
04. Play the Game (prod.EvB)
05. There she goes (prod.DJ Kryptonite)
06. Holds me back (prod.Melodrama)
07. Dirk Diggler (prod.Manu Beats)
08. Don Dada (prod.Doktor Rheal)
09. Non Believers (prod.Jiro Ishida)
10. Reminisce (prod.Philanthrope)
11. Hus Kingpin, Mach Hommy, SmooVth – Ice Cream (B-Sun Remix)


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01. Supreme (Homofaber Remix) Prod. Homofaber
02. The War Report (ft. Mach Hommy, Rozewood) Prod. Raw Minerals
03. Supreme (Drama Theme Remix) Prod. Drama Theme
04. Style Star (DJ Kryptonite Remix) Prod. DJ Kryptonite
05. Ex Girls (Remix) ft. Curren$y, Young Roddy
06. Supreme (Melodrama Remix) Prod. Melodrama
07. Boss Material (Drama Theme Remix) Prod. Drama Theme
08. Supreme (M.W.P. Remix) Prod. M.W.P.
09. RZA (Remix) ft. Drypht (Prod. TCOR)
10. Tokyo Dreams (ft. Rozewood) Prod. Manu Beats
11. Supreme (B-Sun Remix) Prod. B-Sun


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01. Intro
02. Celebrate (Prod. DJ Kryptonite)
03. Cash (Prod. Doktor Rheal)
04. The City (Prod. Manu Beats)
05. Boss Material (Remix) ft. Roc Marciano, Wyldbunch, Mach Hommy
06. Drug Lords (Hempstead Remix) ft. Knowledge The Pirate, Roc Marciano
07. Condolences (Prod. Raw Minerals)
08. Straight Razors (Prod. Vic Grimes)
09. Strive (Krypto Remix) ft. Roc Marciano)
10. Style Sharks (Snippet) (Prod. Strongarm)
11. Outro (Prod. King AL)

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1. Tha Connection – Hurt On You Remix Prod. Robin Bankz
2. Tha Connection – Don’t Front Prod. 12bit
3. Tha Connection – Statik Prod. EvB
3. Tha Connection – Statik Prod. EvB
4. Tha Connection – Take it Higher (Sasac Remix)
5. Tha Connection – 2 Sidez Prod. EvB
6. Tha Connection – Aint No Lie Prod. Kush Foreal
7. Tha Connection – Hibernation (King AL Remix)
8. Tha Connection – Variations prod. KG Boom
9. Tha Connection – Invisible men Feat. Drypht Prod. Vans Cal
10. Tha Connection – Math Remix Prod. DJ Kryptonite
11. Tha Connection – Tried to tell em Prod. Kev Brown
12. Tha Connection – New Species Prod. EvB
13. Tha Connection – Wednesday Prod. Drums
14. Tha Connection – DrumStick (DJ Premier Remix)
15. Tha Connection – Dust (King AL Remix)
16. Tha Connection – Supa (King AL Remix)
17. Tha Connection – Red Carpet Prod. DJ Kryptonite
18. Tha Connection – KingPin (Moksha Remixx)