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01. Karma Feat. Jaden Castro (Prod. by Kelly Portis)
02. THC (Prod. by Napalm)
03. Emotional Bliss (Prod. by Sandbox, The Person)
04. Keisha
05. First Twat
06. VOYD (Prod. Canis Major)
07. Nightmare (Prod. by Reezy)
08. Stone Cold (Prod. by G. Cal)
09. Moon Boy (Sandbox, The Person)
10. Gratitude (Prod. by Dynamic Beats)
11. Fo Sho Twat
12. Part Of Me (Prod. by MCMXCIV)
13. Power Feat. Nolahs (Prod. by The Scholars)
14. Blood Vessel (Prod. by Ironic)