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01. Intro (prod Maleko, Space Ranger)
02. Planet Smashers (prod Holy Water)
03. Unleash The Fury (Feat Maleko) (prod DeeSkee)
04. Teaching Machines (prod Holy Water)
05. Tunguska Butterfly (prod Self Advocate)
06. Killawatt Killers (Feat Administer) (prod Holy Water)
07. Proton Phantoms (Feat Maleko, Crop Circles) (prod Joe Dubbs)
08. Master Every Step (prod Holy Water)
09. Playing God (prod Holy Water)
10. Erase The Times (Feat Administer) (prod DeeSkee)
11. Interlude2 (prod Space Ranger)
12. Baptized By Fire (Feat Self Advocate) (Prod Holy Water)
13. Fly Like A Eagle (Feat Maleko) (prod Holy Water)
14. Heavy Mental (prod Holy Water)
15. Centipedes Bleed (Feat Maleko, Administer, Crop Circles) (prod Joe Dubbs)
16. Pandora’s Box (Feat Administer) (prod WD40)
17. Men Made From Light (Feat Crop Circles) (prod DeeSkee)
18. Subterranean Strangers2002 (Feat Maleko) (prod Maleko)
19. Outro (Prod Maleko)



Free Download HERE

01. Never Die Intro
02. Jedi Business
03. Coolio Iglesias
04. Paid In Props
05. Where Do We Go From Here? feat. Riddlore, White Mic & Cuts by Deeskee
06. I Know What You Did feat. Cuts By Deeskee
07. No Worries
08. For the World feat. Monikape & Destructo Bunny
09. Are We There Yet?
10. Open Range Outro