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A1. God Of Rhyming
B1. The Damaja
B2. Dirty Rotten Demo


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01. Root (Prod.By Zvezdkin)
02. R,S,T ft. MC Doja (Prod.By Jingha-a)
03. Polizei (Prod.By Zvezdkin)
04. What’s Crackin & Ft. Precinct Phantom(Prod.By Nezahr)
05. DungeonDragon Ft. MC Doja (Prod.By Jingha-a)
06. IntergalacticAllegiance (Prod.By SubSkrilla)
07. C,C,S (Prod.By Alzeus)
08. DjangoMyKangol (Prod.By 2 Bone Giants)
09. Großglockner Hoch (Prod.By Devaloop)
10. JungleQuest Ft. MC Doja & Devious (Prod.By 2 Bone Giants)
11. Crown (Prod.By Frenklah)
12. KY-AM Ft. SB-Metrix & Devious (Prod.By Jingha-a)
13. Raw-Coming (Prod.By Undogmatic)
14. NY Predator Ft. Devious & AK40Devin (Prod.By Devaloop)
15. Black Knight (Prod.By Purgatory Of Souls)
16. Full Moon (Prod.By SVA)
17. Sun Rise (Prod.By Chief Rugged)
18. Mazoku MCs Ft. MC Shinobi & Precinct Phantom (Prod.By Jingha-a)
19. TTX ft. MC Doja & LowBrow (Prod.By 2 Bone Giants)
20. Hiiigh Outro (Prod. By 2 Bone Giants)


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01. Intro [Prod. The Deli & DeadxBeat]
02. Hip Hop [Prod. MC Gels]
03. Knxwledge [Prod. llusion The Reviver]
04. Live From Da Underground (Traveler) [Prod & Cuts. Sandpeople]
05. NYC Jazz [Prod. Sandpeople]
06. World Is Yours (Interlude) [Prod. Tone]
07. Chill [Prod. Inspecta Morze]
08. Life I Chose (Outro) [Prod. The Deli]


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01. RAST RFC: “Drive By” from “The Story of a Legend Vol. 2”
02. REGGIE CAPERS: “Mo Bang” from “TIme & Time Again EP”
03. OMNISCENCE: “Total Domination” from “Elektra Emancipation”
04. STEZO: “Here To School Ya” from “Unreleased & Rarities”
05. POETIC MENACE: “Rymezof Daassassin” from “Rymezof (Daassassin)”
06. K-OTIX: “Step Back” from “Dat Series Vol.1 1993-1995”
07. BLACK SHEEP “Wax On” from “Unreleased & Rarites”
08. THE CAGE & YORK DIESEL: “Death Trap” from “Wreck On The Set”
09. ORIGINAL RUFFNECKS: “Rack Em Up” from “Explicit EP”
10. SIM CITY ft. STRONG ARM STEADY: “Heatstroke” from “Killed By Def Vol. 3”
11. PROPHETS OF THE GHETTO: “Wreckless Writers” from “Wreckless Writers Pt. 2”
12. AUTOMATIC: “Zulu Beats” from “Art Imitates Life”
13. DEEP IN DA CIRCLE: “So (Where I Live At!)” from “It’s Harlem”
14. M.A.C.-10: “L.F.T.C.I.” from “Soul On A Roll”
15. DJ STITCHES & RHYME VALORE: “In Da World” from “Another Sleepless Night”
16. SNAFU!: “Light it Up (B-Boy Mix)” from “Blunt Smokers ’95-’98”
17. DARC MIND: “Eloquent Gangster” from “Antediluvian EP Vol. 2”
18. CRITICAL MASZ: “Street Life” from “Killed By Def Vol.4: The White Shadow”
19. COURAGEOUS CHIEF “Ain’t No Time” from “The Birth of Popa Chief”
20. LONE CATALYSTS: “Rhyme & Uplift” from “The Prequel ’94-’96”
21. WILL VILL: “Dreams of Getting Murdered” from “The Arrival” Part 1

Byrdie - Byrd's Eye View (2015).jpg

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01. More Hustlin’ to Do
02. Lift Off (Produced by D-Sane)
03. Fast Lane feat. Jewels Hunter (Produced by D-Sane)
04. Cool Wit It feat. Roc Phizzle (Produced by D-Sane)
05. I Wish feat. Clockwork (Produced by D-Sane)
06. Not Like Everybody Else feat. Jazz Digga (Produced by D-Sane)
07. Talk of the Town feat. Livio (Produced by Funk Daddy)
08. I Think About Freakin’ feat. Neema, Swindle of Certified & Jazz Digga (Produced by D-Sane)
09. Tore Up feat. Crytical (Produced by D-Sane)
10. Now Or Never (Produced by Bean One)
11. Say Hello feat. Neema, Illy Wonka & Jazz Digga (Produced by D-Sane)
12. Alone feat. Darius Willrich (Produced by Charlie Bernardo)
13. Lord Knows I Try feat. Jazz Digga (Produced by D-Sane)
14. Homeless (Produced by Silent Knight)
15. Keep it on the Hush (REMIX) feat. Grynch, Jazz Digga & Nesha (Produced by D-Sane)
16. Bigga Than That (Produced by Bean One)
17. Through it All feat. Jazz Digga (Produced by D-Sane)
18. Byrd’s Eye View feat. Crytical, D-Sane & Jazz Digga (Produced by D-Sane)
19. Byrdie’s Groove (Produced by D-Sane)


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01. Ken Ring – Tommy tycker Om Mej
02. MadCon, Timbuktu, Chords & Loudmouf Choir – Hit The Road
03. Respect, Ken Ring, Kalifa, Ison & Fille, Kadou & Joel – Chi wo
04. Noora Noor – Head Up High
05. Loudmouf Choir & Noora Noor – Stoopid
06. Sam E – Bad guy
07. Madcon – Tæssja
08. Son Of Light & A Lee – When time stops
09. Diaz & Petter – Dont trust anyone
10. Son Of Light, A Lee, Diaz, Noora, Jørg-1, Kevin – 100 Ar
11. Ken & Yosef – 2 Idioter
12. Tjes Boogie, Tech-Rock, Elastinen, Clemens & Mass – Lorti
13. Diaz – The road
14. Jaa9 & OnklP, Jørg-1 Aka Skills Misse Baren – Mongo Mongis
15. Thomasz & Kevin – Penger Pt 2
16. Phenomena 3 – Låten Om Dig
17. Son Of Light – Hail Mary
18. Karpe Diem, Don Martin – Star From Karpe
19. Elling Fragatas – Ikke Særlig Elegant


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01. Intro
02. Mass Appeal
03. Shark Attack
04. Vibe All Night
05. You’ll See
06. Bonita’s Dream
07. At They Heads
08. Distraktionz (Interlude)
09. Visions
10. F.Y.F.
11. Reflections
12. Dunk$ (He Got Props)
13. The Wake
14. Babylon