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01. #REC Feat. Proe, Maclane, Richie Cunning
02. Beaches & Bridges Feat Eddie K
03. IOWANNA Feat. LightBulb, Luke SIck
04. Relax Your Mind


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01.Intro [prod. Marco Polo]
02.The Truth (What It Is) [prod. DJ Skizz]
03.Three Times Dope (ft. Supastition) [prod. BeatWyze]
04.Work Force [prod. Marco Polo]
05.Grown Ups (ft. Roc Marciano) [prod. BeatWyze]
06.Sheisty Individuals (ft. 9thUno) [prod. BeatWyze]
07.B.R.A.W.L. (Brothers Rockin’ All the Way Live) [prod. Marco Polo]
08.Victorious [prod. Marco Polo]
09.Three Times Dope (ft. Supastition) (Remix) [prod. BeatWyze]
10.R4 (Killing Skills Remix) [prod. Killing Skills]


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01.Intro [prod. Marco Polo]
02.Life and Death [prod. Marco Polo]
03.The Trade (ft. Torae) [prod. Marco Polo]
04.R4 [prod. BeatWyze]
05.Bottom Line [prod. Marco Polo]
06.Khanfidence [prod. BeatWyze]
07.9th Configuration [prod. 9th Uno]
08.Take Your Time (ft. DV Alias Khryst, Grand Daddy I.U. and Ed O.G.) [prod. Marco Polo]


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01. Drain Pipes (Prod. by Dozer Carter)
02. New Age Discrimination (Prod. by DMobbs)
03. Money, Music & Love (Prod. by DMobbs)
04. Real Talks Ft. Ngaio (Prod. by Shift K3Y & Random P)
05. BackNForth (Prod. by Jungle VIP)
06. Land Of The Lost Ft. Phil Rose (Prod. by Dozer Carter)


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01. You Don’t Know
02. French Convoy
03. Bijou
04. Hillside Bicycles


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01. GRASSROOTZ – Intro
02. Profound Vursatylity feat. Vursatyl of Lifesavas
03. Four O’clock in the morning
04. My words my world
05. No Matter
06. Target
07. Outlaws feat. Lifesavas
08. Interlude
09. Mind Tricks
10. Pro Am
11. Try Me feat. Ray Ray
12. Stress Factor Feat. Cool Nutz and Wolverine


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DJ Propo'88 - Contemporary BoomBap Pt. 4 by Propo'88 ( Da Shogunz ) on Mixcloud

01. Sickness MP – After Rise Up!
02. John Robinson – Masterfull
03. ChillxWill – Pickin’ Pockets
04. Union Blak – Street English
05. EllMatic – Fresh Out Of The Box (Prod. Sneadr)
06. Self N’ Press – Just Last Year
07. Wildelux – My Addiction
08. Anteek Recipes – Little Stories
09. Corto Maltez – Don’t Come Wack (Prod. Truffel the Phunky Phaqir)
10. Khrysis – Smart Person
11. Joey Bada$$ – Carry On
12. Zudo – Time For Change
13. Jazz Spastiks – Move (Feat. Apani B)