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01. Intro
02. Blood (Prod. by El RTNC)
03. Porno For Pyros (Prod. By DJ Skizz)
04. Sonic Youth (Prod. By Marco Polo)
05. Homicide (Prod. by El RTNC)
06. Rage Against The Machine (Prod. by El RTNC)
07. Freeway Fire (Prod. By El RTNC)
08. Gentrify My Hood (Prod. by DJ Skizz)
09. Sasquatch in a UFO (Prod. By DJ Skizz)
10. Get The Paper (Prod. by El RTNC)
11. Mule Juice/Outro (Prod. By DJ Skizz)



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01. Quiet Storm Interlude
02. Bad To The Bone
03. Nutty Bars
04. Loosey In The Store With Pennies
05. Good Times…
06. Droog’s Anthem
07. Gunsmoke Cologne
08. U 47
09. You Know What Time It Is
10. Bye Outro