Kiiing Scooby – The Golden Renaissance – 2015 (Free Download)

Posted: January 27, 2016 in Da League Ov Shadowz, Hip Hop / Rap, Kiiing Scooby, MC Doja, Spark Da Izm


Free Download HERE

01. Root (Prod.By Zvezdkin)
02. R,S,T ft. MC Doja (Prod.By Jingha-a)
03. Polizei (Prod.By Zvezdkin)
04. What’s Crackin & Ft. Precinct Phantom(Prod.By Nezahr)
05. DungeonDragon Ft. MC Doja (Prod.By Jingha-a)
06. IntergalacticAllegiance (Prod.By SubSkrilla)
07. C,C,S (Prod.By Alzeus)
08. DjangoMyKangol (Prod.By 2 Bone Giants)
09. Großglockner Hoch (Prod.By Devaloop)
10. JungleQuest Ft. MC Doja & Devious (Prod.By 2 Bone Giants)
11. Crown (Prod.By Frenklah)
12. KY-AM Ft. SB-Metrix & Devious (Prod.By Jingha-a)
13. Raw-Coming (Prod.By Undogmatic)
14. NY Predator Ft. Devious & AK40Devin (Prod.By Devaloop)
15. Black Knight (Prod.By Purgatory Of Souls)
16. Full Moon (Prod.By SVA)
17. Sun Rise (Prod.By Chief Rugged)
18. Mazoku MCs Ft. MC Shinobi & Precinct Phantom (Prod.By Jingha-a)
19. TTX ft. MC Doja & LowBrow (Prod.By 2 Bone Giants)
20. Hiiigh Outro (Prod. By 2 Bone Giants)


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