Dope Folks Records Sampler #5 – 2015 (Free Download)

Posted: December 2, 2015 in Dope Folks Records, Hip Hop / Rap


Free Download HERE

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01. RAST RFC: “Drive By” from “The Story of a Legend Vol. 2”
02. REGGIE CAPERS: “Mo Bang” from “TIme & Time Again EP”
03. OMNISCENCE: “Total Domination” from “Elektra Emancipation”
04. STEZO: “Here To School Ya” from “Unreleased & Rarities”
05. POETIC MENACE: “Rymezof Daassassin” from “Rymezof (Daassassin)”
06. K-OTIX: “Step Back” from “Dat Series Vol.1 1993-1995”
07. BLACK SHEEP “Wax On” from “Unreleased & Rarites”
08. THE CAGE & YORK DIESEL: “Death Trap” from “Wreck On The Set”
09. ORIGINAL RUFFNECKS: “Rack Em Up” from “Explicit EP”
10. SIM CITY ft. STRONG ARM STEADY: “Heatstroke” from “Killed By Def Vol. 3”
11. PROPHETS OF THE GHETTO: “Wreckless Writers” from “Wreckless Writers Pt. 2”
12. AUTOMATIC: “Zulu Beats” from “Art Imitates Life”
13. DEEP IN DA CIRCLE: “So (Where I Live At!)” from “It’s Harlem”
14. M.A.C.-10: “L.F.T.C.I.” from “Soul On A Roll”
15. DJ STITCHES & RHYME VALORE: “In Da World” from “Another Sleepless Night”
16. SNAFU!: “Light it Up (B-Boy Mix)” from “Blunt Smokers ’95-’98”
17. DARC MIND: “Eloquent Gangster” from “Antediluvian EP Vol. 2”
18. CRITICAL MASZ: “Street Life” from “Killed By Def Vol.4: The White Shadow”
19. COURAGEOUS CHIEF “Ain’t No Time” from “The Birth of Popa Chief”
20. LONE CATALYSTS: “Rhyme & Uplift” from “The Prequel ’94-’96”
21. WILL VILL: “Dreams of Getting Murdered” from “The Arrival” Part 1


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