The Sloth – The Francis Slothington Ball – 2014 (Free Download)

Posted: October 28, 2014 in Hip Hop / Rap, The Sloth, The Voyagers


Free Download HERE

01. Fuck This Ball (Skit)
02. Welcome to the Ball (Prod. KillahMantis)
03. Nefarious S. (Prod. KillahMantis)
04. Sun King (Prod. KillahMantis)
05. Bench Warmers Ft. Veeskeeno (Prod. KillahMantis)
06. Glow Ft. Jaden Castro x Veeskeeno (Prod. KillahMantis)
07. Grab Me a Giggle Stick (Skit)
08. Nibigroove Ft. Prince Royal (Prod. KillahMantis)
09. Trap Doubt Ft. Kenneth B. (Prod. KillahMantis)
10. Bebop Ft. Andre Jakai x Jaden Castro x Prince Royal (Prod. KillahMantis)
11. Space was nice (Skit)
12. Syntax (Prod. KillahMantis)
13. Warpaint Ft. Prince Royal (Prod. KillahMantis)
14. HOME (Closing Reception) (Prod. KillahMantis)


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