Centa Of Da Web – Beyond Human Comprehension EP – 1996 (Free Download)

Posted: August 14, 2014 in Atoms Family, Cryptic One, Hip Hop / Rap


Free Download HERE

01. Intro
02. Da Webs Minds (Cryptic One, Molecule, Whichcraft, Jestoneart)
03. Zone 2 Tha Tone (Cryptic One)
04. Whichcraft (Audio Data)
05. 5 Lil’ Pumpkins (Cryptic One, Jestoneart)
06. Ill Visions (Cryptic One, Molecule)
07. Molecule (Audio Data)
08. Outer Regions (Konfucious, Whichcraft, Cryptic One, Molecule, Void)
09. Da Cryptic One (Audio Data)
10. Brainstorm (Cryptic One, Molecule)
11. Most Can’t Comprehend (Cryptic One, Molecule, Whichcraft)


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