Counterstrike 2 – A Decade Of Unkut – 2014 (Free Download)

Posted: June 25, 2014 in Crate Cartel, Hip Hop / Rap, Unkut Recordings


Free Download HERE

01. “Counterstrike 2 Intro”
Produced by Discourse and Rob Unkut

02. “Money and Guns” – Grand Daddy IU
Produced by Grand Daddy IU

03. “Es Ee Ex” – Maffew Ragazino
Produced by Jon Phonics

04. “718″ – Chubb Rock feat. Beneficence
Produced by Confidence

05. “Church vs. State” [Unkut Remix] – Omniscence feat. K-Hill
Produced by Debonair P

06. “Eat The Rich” – LEX
Produced by Buck

07. “Alias” – $amhill
Produced by Jean Duvall

08. “Creeping On The Come Up” – Willie The Kid
Produced by Troy Ceasar

09. “1989″ – Light The MC
Produced by Mishap

10. “Forget The Rest” – Problemz and DJ Skizz
Produced by DJ Skizz

11. “Dimelo” – Timeless Truth
Produced by DJ Woof

12. “Power of Rhyme” – Marco Polo feat. Craig G
Produced by Marco Polo

13. “Global Warming” – Milano
Produced by Ahmed

14. “Get There” [Remix] – Shake Nickels feat. Larry-O and Eternal
Produced by K-Def

15. “G’z Up” [Remix] – Doo Wop & Tony Touch
Produced by Cole James Cash

16. “Interview Skit” – LL Cool J
Produced by Cole James Cash

17. “Untitled III” – K-Otix feat. D. Rose
Produced By The ARE

18. “The Road To Asgard Has A Fork In It (That Shit Is Hard)” – Mr. Muthafuckin’ eXquire
Produced by Mr. Muthafuckin’ eXquire

19. “The Privaledge” – Agallah feat. City Lights
Produced by Agallah

20. “Lo Salma Him Laden” – Him-Lo
Produced by DJ Tee

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