Wax Poetics – Dope Folks Records Sampler #3 – 2014 (Free Download)

Posted: March 8, 2014 in Dope Folks Records, Hip Hop / Rap, Wax Poetics

WaxPoeticsGraphic-2-Cropped-620x566Free Download HERE

01. Young Zee “Nerve Plucker”
02. Divine Beings “Raisin’ Eyebrows”
03. M.A.C.-10 “Mac Thang”
04. Poetic Menace “Takin’ No Shorts”
05. Black A.G. “There It Is”
06. MC E-Rock “One The Hard Way”
07. Disco Beave featuring B Get Busy “Hall Of Fame”
08. Parts Unknown “911 Funk”
09. Rampage ” Living Foul”
10. Trauma Center “Rhymes Overflowin’”
11. Cage 1 “Nightstalker”
12. Ebony Broadcast System “Broadcastin’”
13. Darc Mind “This Is Kev Roc”
14. MF Doom “Doomsday Remix”
15. Bolaji “Homage”
16. Reggie Capers “Suspect”
17. Omniscence “When I Make Parole”
18. Big Squig “Keep It Going”
19. Lord VI “Not Tonight”
20. Black Sheep “Sleep (Intro)”


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