1628 Factor – Not For The Money​.​.​.​.​.​The Low Cash Chapter – 1997 (Free Cassette Download)

Posted: January 31, 2014 in 1628 Factor, Cassette, Hip Hop / Rap, Spexx, The Facter, The Factor


Free Download HERE

01. No Cash Intro… (Side One)
02. Givin’ You A Rundown- Feat. Rundown
03. Factory Assembly Line-Feat. Rundown, Rolex (HTK), Brewmasta, Spexx
04. Lyrical & Original- Feat. Spexx, Brewmasta
05. Sub Zero Battlefield – Interlude
06. Poetic Justice- Feat. Brewmasta
07. It Was Never Written..(Freestyle)- Feat. Spexx, Marcus Are
08. Rhymes Escape The Tape- Feat. Spexx
09. Life Line Outro (side One)
10. Must Get Dissed (Side 2 Intro)
11. Speak My Piece- Feat Spexx
12. Its Reality – Interlude
13. Its On You….- Feat. Brewmasta, Rundown
14. Recieve A Lesson- Feat Spexx, Brewmasta
15. How Our Own Music Affects Us – Interlude
16. Listen Close- Feat. Spexx
17. For Your Bullshit Crew – Interlude
18. Unseen Truth (the fact of the dollar bill)- Feat. Rundown


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