Terror Green – 1995 Demo EP – 2013 (Free Download)

Posted: November 4, 2013 in Heavy Jewelz Records, Hip Hop / Rap, Terror Green


Free Download HERE

Buy The Ltd. Vinyl HERE or HERE

A1. WKCR Intro
A2. 45 Stitchez
A3. Dub
A4. Dub Bonus Beats
B1. Much Terra
B2. Check Tha File
B3. Check Tha File Bonus Beats

  1. Martin says:


    This is Martin from Heavy Jewelz Records. I urge you to immidetely TAKE the link DOWN and SUPPORT the release by BUYING the release instead. Either on bandcamp or on vinyl.

    The music is avaliable to download for free at: http://heavyjewelz.bandcamp.com/ at 128kbit/s and FLAC if you buy.


  2. Martin says:

    Either link the post to our Bandcamp page or remove it. It would also be cool if you provided a link to where people can buy the vinyl aswell.

    I am sorry but I did not get a clear picture that it was you JRUNCK who ran this blog before I wrote my comment. I respect your work with it & that you support the artists / labels by buying the releases.

    I know that you felt it was all good posting it, and it is since it is we’ve made it avaliable for free download, but all I am saying is that if people want to download it for free they should go trough or Bandcamp page.


    • JRUNCK says:

      Hi Martin I saw a post on Facebook by Verge saying it was for free download at the Troy blog at 128kbps for
      Free. I only posted this after that because I understood it was ok for free download at 128kbps. I’ll take it down.

    • JRUNCK says:

      I completely agree. I posted this in a rush before work and simply forgot to add the Bandcamp link where you can buy it because I typically do that so people Can support it like I did with the last release you had. Ill add that link when I get to a computer.

  3. JRUNCK says:

    I added links to your site and Bandcamp. If you would prefer me to take the post down just let me know and I have no hard feelings about doing that if that’s your preference. I’m always shown respect by Verge when purchasing from you guys so I want to show the same respect back.

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