Dope Folks Records – Milwaukee Day Mixtape 04-14-2013 (Free Download)

Posted: April 14, 2013 in Dope Folks Records


Free Download HERE

  1. B-Day Rock & Crush-Cash: Let Me Be Known
  2. A-Tack: A-Tack is on the Wax
  3. The New MC Team: My Converse
  4. Midi: Kool is Chillen
  5. The Fresh DJ Rock Dee: We Can Shake it Right
  6. DJ Blade: Drop off the Bass
  7. Female DSC feat. D-Mix: Hangin’ on Out
  8. MC Groove: Def Rock
  9. Rapmaster B feat. DJ Def EZ “D”: DJ Politician
  10. Royal Dynasty: Naturally Fresh
  11. 20/20 Boys: Burger Bounce
  12. Sir G.O. feat. Duncan Hines: A Sir Going off
  13. Ill Chief Rockers: Jealous
  14. Two-Tone: Jazz It Up
  15. Mister Rock La Flow: The Harder The Better
  16. Slim: Rollerskate
  17. Kali Tribe: Kalism (Remix)

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