Man Bites Dog Records Volume 2 – 2013 (Free Download)

Posted: March 22, 2013 in Hip Hop / Rap, Man Bites Dog Records


Free Download HERE

1. Shark Food feat. Jason Rose & Hayze (Prod. By Stu Bangas)2.36
2. Front Page feat. Blacastan & Curly Castro (Prod . By Blacastan)2.33
3. Bronze & The Ripper feat. Bronze Nazareth & Snak The Ripper (Prod. by Bronze Nazareth)2.35
4. Revolver feat. Killah Priest, Double A.B. & Reef The Lost Cauze (Prod. by Kount Fif)
5. Bourbon Chicken Thief feat. Copywrite (Prod. by Stu Bangas)2.28
6. Gress feat. Curly Castro (Prod. by Dub Sonata)2.02
7. Lazer Dart feat. Bronze Nazareth (prod. by Bronze Nazareth)1.33
8. I Heart The Law feat. Hayze (Prod. by Vanderslice)4.12
9. Sugar Cubes feat. Zilla Rocca & Redd Mudd (Prod. by Surock)2.31
10. Door # 2 feat. Copywrite (prod. by Kount Fif)2.07


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