SFR presents: STRICTLY SCIENTIFIC (Old School Hip-Hop Mix by Aupheus)

Posted: January 12, 2013 in Aupheus, Hip Hop / Rap, Strage Famous Records


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01 Stetsasonic ‎– Just Say Stet (1985) (Strictly Scientific Mix)
02 Hurby’s Machine Featuring Antoinette ‎– I Got An Attitude (1987) (Frontiers of Science Mix)
03 Jewel “T” and L.T.C. ‎– Believe It Or Not (1986) (Visionary Movements Mix)
04 D.J. Polo & Kool G. Rap ‎– Rikers Island (1987) (Buzzsaw Chop)
05 Joeski Love ‎– Pee-Wee’s Dance (1986) (Pee-Wee in Space Mix)
06 L.L. Cool J – THE BREAKTHROUGH (1987) (Section 9 Mix)
07 Fat Boys ‎– Are You Ready For Freddy (1988) (Cyberdyne Systems Mix)
08 Public Enemy – Raise the Roof (1987) (Lost Details Mix)
09 Run-DMC – Perfection (1986) (Quiet Minds Mix)


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