Anthony Cruz (A-Butta/Natural Elements) – FLNYC – 2013 (Free Download)

Posted: January 12, 2013 in A-Butta, Anthony Cruz, Hip Hop / Rap, Natural Elements


Free Download HERE

01 Fear and Loathing in New York City (prod. by I.G Nexus)
02 Altered State of Consciousness (feat. Alex Dimension) (prod. by I.G Nexus)
03 Dreamscape (feat. BD) (prod. by I.G Nexus)
04 Welcome to My Castle (prod. by I.G Nexus)
05 Hot Sex in the Morning (feat. BD) (prod. by I.G Nexus)
06 Why So Serious (prod. by I.G Nexus)
07 Asa Akira (prod. by I.G Nexus)
08 Thank You (prod. by I.G Nexus)
09 Enjoy the Ride (prod. by I.G Nexus)
10 Waiting On Nibiru (prod. by I.G Nexus)
11 SuperPowers (feat. Julian Diaz) (prod. by Kenny Diaz & Sensei Walingh)


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