Gametightelectro – Origins of Gurp: Songs from 1999​-​2004 – 2012 (Free Download)

Posted: March 10, 2012 in Gurp City, Hip Hop / Rap, Luke Sick, Z-Man
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Free Download HERE

01. Really Strong Drinks feat. Luke Sick & Z-Man
02. Really Good Drugs feat. Z-Man
03. Pervin’ & Swervin’ (skit)
04. Electro G Shit feat. Fluid
05. Gurp City
06. Gone Off The Rossi
07. Feelin’ Off The Hook
08. Dank Pro’s feat. Z-Trip
09. Coked Out in the 80’s (skit)
10. Tony Montana Weekend feat. Mr. Rawng & Twamp Dub
11. Don’t Try To Play Me feat. Mr. Rawng & YG
12. Housewife Happyhour feat. Mr. Rawng
13. Can I Borrow Some Sugar feat. Z-Man & Eddie K
14. Sock Ya Partna
15. Romance Novel


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