yU (of Diamond District) – A Garbage Beat Tape – 2011 (Free Download)

Posted: November 16, 2011 in Diamond District, Hip Hop / Rap, yU

Free Download HERE

01. Interlude One (Intro)
02. Do You (I’m Gonna)
03. A Bend
04. Durt (Love Is No Play Thing)
05. Interlude Two (Large 2 Car Garage)
06. iKnow Nothing
07. Seven and a Half
08. Where Is God
09. The Ohm
10. Interlude Three (The OVER Explanation)
11. Still (Instro) feat. King Tut on Flute
12. El(o)hsee
13. Ahhh feat. King Tut on Sax
14. A Box Beat
15. Interlude Three (The Strike of 1968)
16. The Pretender
17. Interlude Five (10x Outta 10)
18. Land of Hopes
19. Greasy
20. Interlude Six
21. Indi-er
22. MelloDeeze
23. Outro


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