Oldominion – Make Happy – 2009 (Free Download)

Posted: November 16, 2011 in Hip Hop / Rap, Northwest Hip Hop, Oldominion, Seattle
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Free Download HERE

01. Big Blind- XP, Onry Ozzborn, & Pegee13 (prod. Pegee13)
02. Fresh Pass Home- NyQwil (prod. Pale Soul)
03. Cold As Hell- Anaxagorus (prod. Jay Steez)
04. Up To Me- Snafu, Pale Soul, Destro, & Zebulon Dak (prod. Smoke)
05. Crimson Tide- Dim Mak (prod. North Czar)
06. Glitter And Gold- XP & Smoke (prod. Smoke)
07. It’s On Tonight- Destro (prod. Pegee13)
08. Million- Snafu (prod. Smoke)
09. Control Freak- Bafly, Anaxagorus, & Sleep (prod. Barfly)
10. Same Ol’ Same Ol’- Pegee13, Candidt, & Barfly (prod. Taco Neck)
11. Mulholland- Siren’s Echo (prod. Smoke)
12. When It Rains It Pours- Pegee13, Snafu, & Destro (prod. Pegee13)
13. Just A Little Different- Iame (prod. Iame)
14. Culture Shock- JFK (prod. Jake One)
15. Nothing Left- Barfly & NyQwil (prod. Pegee13)
16. No One Gets Out Alive- Pale Soul (prod. Pale Soul)
17. This Has Been- Iame, Snafu, Candidt, & Onry Ozzborn (prod. Smoke)
18. Ten- JFK, Syndel, Iame, Smoke, Sleep, & Bishop I (prod. Nickels)


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