Under The Bay Season 1: The Mixtape – 2010 (Free Download)

Posted: August 8, 2010 in Hip Hop / Rap

Free Download HERE

01: Clif Soulo – Dope.Man (prod. Cooking Soul)
02: Nima Fadavi – Spaceships ft. Rey Resurreccion (prod. Nima Fadavi)
03: Citizen – Things Ain’t What They Used To Be ft. Sean E Depp, Gee (prod. Citizen)
04+22:  Richie Cunning & QM – Alcoholiday ft. Dregs One (prod. Dregs One)
05: Rafael Casal – 2 Faces ft. P. Jericho (prod. Mikos of 40Love)
06: Ro Knew – Make You Move (Remix) (prod. Michael Stone)
07+8: BPos (Goodword & D-Wiz) – The Station ft. Khafre (prod. Big Shawn)
09: Z-Man – I Can’t Believe I Used To Go With You (prod. Moss)
10: Seneca – Romantics (prod. Seneca)
11: Khafre – The Same ft. Tess (prod. D-Wiz)
12: DaVinci – Wild Side (prod. Shaad Wiggins)
13: OrukusaKi – Stack Up (prod. Stro)
14: Jern Eye – Big Ol’ Bump ft. Kewl Chris (prod. Headnodic)
15: Equivalent Exchange – Around That Corna ft. Errelevent, Jose Santana, Stik Gillatine (prod. Equivalent Exchange)
16: Nio Tha Gift – I Gets It In ft. R.O.D. (prod. Jay Ell)
17+18: The Dime (K.nightshift & Chioke) – Vinegar (prod. Tim Diesel)
19: Balance – I’m Here Now ft. Greenspan, Rain (prod. Traklordz)
20: TRUTHLiVE – God Bless (prod. TRUTHLiVE)
21: Equipto (Bored Stiff) – Never Can Say ft. Akil, Rome (prod. Perk)
23: Casual (Hieroglyphics) – Casual-ual! (prod. Rod Shields)
24: Roach Gigz – Sweet Bandit (prod. C-Loz)
25: Dex Beats – Pass U Twice ft. Beetiki (prod. Dex Beats)
26: Big A – Get That Money (prod. Big A)


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